Jack's personal mission is to knock down doors for others to walk through after having a tough upbringing and lack of career support from the school.






Special Advisor 

On Youth

Mental Health


About Jack.

Jack is in his 20's, he loves dogs with all his heart and believes being kind is one of the most powerful traits you can have in business. Jack, is dyslexic and had speech therapy until the age of 8 years old and proudly talks about his own challenges in the past he faced with mental health.


Public Appearances.


People Inspired.


Social Media Followers.

Jack was named one of the top 50 kindest leaders of 2019 in the Financial Times.  

Jack was named the most connected young entrepreneur in the United Kingdom.

Jack was named one of the 100 faces of a vibrant economy.

Work with Jack.

Jack's always interested in hearing from interested people with cool projects that he might be able to get involved with. Here is how you could partner with Jack. whilst working with commercial businesses, charities and organisations Jack has seen the uplift in productivity, employee engagement and profitability when actively striving to make the workplace youth verified

Get Jack 

to attend, speak or join panel at your event.

Ask Jack 

for comment on young people for your article or news story.

Welcome Jack 

to come on your podcast or radio to share insight on the future of youth.

Hire Jack to give a master class to your leadership team around all things youth.

Invite Jack 

to meet, walk or dog sit your dog.

Getting involved.

We're always happy to answer any questions you might have, and always looking for new ambassadors willing and ready to start repping our brand!

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