We believe every young person should have the chance to ‘make it’ in whatever they want to do in life - in a world where no one is left behind.









In community.

Who we are.


Young people boosted.



We are building the most meaningful group of youth-first solutions, products, and services. These services will create action, jobs and the impact young people need to make it.

What we know.

Young people face an uphill challenge to get into work. Increasingly, those who are underemployed or misrepresented in society struggle to get qualifications, complete CVs or have access to vital information.

In the next decade, one billion young people will enter the labour market...

However, right now over 70 million young people are trying to manage life, access jobs, and build skills.

It has been estimated that the cost to the UK of youth unemployment – over the next decade will be £28B

Meaning substantial implications for future economic growth, business development, and youth stability. 

What we do.

We are the conduit between young people, education, and companies. We deliver Youth-First solutions, products, and services, including our experience work programme, mentorship events, and life booster profile, allowing young people to explore every opportunity and enrich their lives.



We provide unique insight into what young people want from life and how
they think, work and spend.



We connect our community of socially diverse young people who are already
work-aware, to your brand and touchpoints.



We identify, match and onboard the most relevant young people for your open
vacancies, work experience placements, and apprenticeship schemes.



We help you create the right paths for young people, ensuring that you invest
in the right places to develop them into your future players.



We help you re-imagine your purpose, culture, wellness and incentive strategy to win loyalty.

Our solutions.

Our solution is to provide a safe, secure and vibrant community for young people and businesses - or any initiative which supports young people, for that matter! With currently over 1,200 Ambassadors and 100+ brands already on board, we want The Youth Group to be the go-to destination for young people looking to find opportunities and support.

Experience Work™ helps young people from all backgrounds to get ready for work, into work and grow at work.

Experience Work

Youth Verified

Youth Verified is a trademark status which reassures a young person that a Verified company understands the issues youth currently face, and is working with us to build a brighter, more sustainable future for youth opportunities.

Make It Movement

Make It Movement™ delivers projects, events, and resources that help improve the odds for young people.

Our partners.

We have partnered with over 100+ brands already, including HSBC, Gocardless, and JCDecaux, in order to ensure that our vision of helping young people to "make it" in every aspect of life comes to fruition

Getting involved.

We're always happy to answer any questions you might have, and always looking for new ambassadors willing and ready to start repping our brand!

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